Polling Shows Over Two Thirds of Pennsylvania Voters Oppose VGTs

Pennsylvanians Four Times More Likely to Vote Against Legislators Who Legalize VGTs
HARRISBURG – Today, Pennsylvanians for Responsible Government released the following polling results from Harper Polling showing that most Pennsylvanians oppose efforts by the legislature to help balance the budget by legalizing video game terminals (VGTs) to balance the budget.

Pennsylvanians for Responsible Government spokesman Mike Barley released the following statement, “Pennsylvania voters agree, VGTs are a bad bet for our Commonwealth. This survey serves as clear evidence that most Pennsylvanians don’t want VGTs and are four times less likely to support legislators who vote to legalize them in our state.”

According to the polls findings, a near-majority of likely voters in Pennsylvania oppose VGT’s (38% favor/47% oppose), with nearly one-third of voters strongly opposing this proposal (31%) compared to 19% who strongly favor the proposal. Voters of all political parties oppose legalizing VGTs (Republicans: 48%, Democrats: 43%, Independents: 59%) Self-identified Very Conservative voters strongly oppose legalizing VGTs (32%/63%). Seniors overwhelmingly oppose VGTs. (Ages 65-74: 55% oppose; Ages 75+: 61% oppose)

Highlights of the survey include:

By a 8:1 margin, voters are concerned about VGT’s killing 16,000+ casino jobs;
By a 3:1 margin, voters oppose VGT’s in restaurants, pizza shops and deli’s;
By a 6:1 margin, voters oppose VGT’s in nursing homes; and
Exclusive summary memo and polling toplines are available by clicking on the provided links.

Earlier this week, Pennsylvanians for Responsible Government launched a website,www.12000pacasinos.com. The website includes information regarding the many negative impacts that will result from the implementation of VGT’s and a map that shows the locations where the 12,000 blackjack and poker facilities can potentially be located. Additionally, the map includes red dots that indicate nursing home locations that are currently able to have VGT machines.

Pennsylvanians for Responsible Government is spending well over $1 million on an aggressive, multi-platform campaign informing the public about the real consequences of VGT’s by advertising on television and online throughout the Commonwealth. Pennsylvanians for Responsible Government is being supported by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and other brick and mortar casino entities operating in Pennsylvania who are concerned about the impact this will have on their businesses and the hardworking people they employ.

According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the gaming industry in Pennsylvania collectively generates $1.4 billion in tax revenue annually and employs 18,000 people (Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board Press Release, “Total PA Casino Gaming Revenue Tops $3.2 Billion in 2016,” 1.17.17).

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