Harrisburg politicians want to create nearly 12,000 ‘casinos’ across Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s brick-and-mortar casinos employ over eighteen thousand Pennsylvanians. VGT machines are designed to operate without employees and will directly compete with these good-paying jobs for our citizens, resulting in layoffs.

Their plan is to put blackjack and poker machines in delis, restaurants, bars, pizza shops and social clubs. Even nursing homes!

You can read the proposal here (HB1010).

Using Video Gambling Terminals, also known as “VGT’s,” politicians can put nearly 40,000 machines in our neighborhoods.

All of this will be just a few feet from your house. These 12,000 casinos can be located next to schools, churches and playgrounds.

12,000 new casinos with 40,000 blackjack and poker machines is not the right way to balance the Commonwealth’s budget.